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Exclusive Interview: Marien Baker about real Dj life

Genuine charisma, great mixing skills and strong sounds to rock the big room, is the way to define this DJ and producer. An authentic talent emerging on international scale. Spanish rising talent Marien Baker is the latest artist to explode onto the electronic music scene at a global level. Each new day is generating more attention and fan base, creating dance floor driven music and delivering exciting DJ sets blending Progressive House, Tech-House, Electro and mainstream sounds. 

Marien Baker talked with Djanemag about pros and cons, all difficulties and pleasures of Dj life - All exclusive with DjaneMag! 

Djanemag: Why do you use a nickname?  Who came up with it and What does it mean?

Marien Baker: Well, actually my nickname is a combination of my real name, Marien, and a stage name. I chose Baker because I like the way it sounds phonetically and my real surname also starts with a B. I never wanted to use another name than my real name because I don't want to use a "character" that's not me when I talk to people, I want to be someone real. When someone contacts me I want it to be from person to person and using my real name is a way to accomplish that.

Djanemag: Do you think that «Dj world» is men's world? In your opinion is it harder for a girl to become famous Dj? What traits of character a female Dj must have to become famous?

Marien Baker: In my opinion we should be on the same level as men are, but that is not the case. We are a minority, and even though it's growing pretty fast, people still see it as something 'different' when a woman is spinning disks. There are a lot of male artists in the world's top rankings and hardly any women. We should all work on changing this, equalizing men and stop treating women as something "attractive" just because they are women.

That being said, I don't think it has held me back, booking a female DJ can be more attractive and open the way for some women. It's clear that if you do your job well, you will advance, however a pretty face can help! In the end your job is what counts and mostly how you do it. I think there shouldn't be any discrimination between male or female DJ's and it would be fair to judge everyone as a professional musician.

Djanemag: What challenges have you faced being a female DJ and how did you overcome them?

Marien Baker: We bring freshness and tenderness: a twist that makes it attractive to have a woman in the DJ booth, but I hope one day this will be unimportant and the only protagonist will be the music.

As I mentioned before, women are seen as something attractive and when you are in the booth, I think people look more closely and critical to what you do. They analyse you, because they want to know if you are a professional and if you know what you are doing. You have to show the public that you can handle the booth and that you are more than just a pretty face.

Djanemag: Do you travel a lot? What countries or cities do you like most of all and why?

Marien Baker: I travel a lot, but not as much as other op DJ's who are touring too long. When I get home I like to relax and enjoy my family and friends and working in the studio. I think it's good to know other countries tofind different ways of experiencing music.

For the last four years I have been performing in France, Ukraine, Portugal, Indonesia, Italy, UK, Russia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Egypt, Kosovo, USA, Morocco, Cyprus, Turkey, Albania, Croatia, Angola, Brazil, Belgium, Slovenia, Chech Republic, Dubai, Dominican Republic, South Korea and Guatemala.

If I had to choose a place in Spain my sets at Space and Pacha Ibiza have been very special, but the best shows were in clubs abroad without a doubt. My craziest sessions have been Guaba Beach (Cyprus); a beach club at  #20 in the world top with excellent programming and an amazing crowd who are really enjoying and feeling the live music. You never want to leave the DJ booth there! Yeah, the best experience of my career was definitely on Guaba Beach! Other clubs that left their mark as a great party experience are Stadium in Jakarta, Ministry of Sound (London), Mood Club in Strasbourg (France), Top Club in Slovenia and Pyramid in Vienna Fix Club in South Korea.

Djanemag: Could you describe your feelings when you play music?

Marien Baker: I feel exactly the same as the first time I performed in front of a crowd, every time when I'm waiting for my turn I get that feeling in my stomach, like butterflies. It's something that makes me happy because I feel I still have the same respect for people on the dancefloor as I had during my first performance. In fact, the day I stop feeling that I think I should quit being a DJ.

Djanemag: What are your biggest sources of inspiration when you are mixing or producing music?

Marien Baker: There are more and more DJ's nowadays because the technologies allow you to jump into a booth with nothing more than just some ideas. The real essence of being a DJ is carried in the heart, you use computers and CD's because you need them to do your job. Although I see that in the present time there is much labor intrusion in our industry and we have to fight harder and harder.

When I'm playing I get my inspiration from the response of the audience, they mark my sets. I never bring my ready sets, I improvise and I think that's what really makes a DJ. While it's true that we all have some hits ready to play, I've always liked to transmit energy and quality depending on the event, and adjusting my style to that.

My flag genre is House, but it's true that as years pass you opt for shifting to other styles. Nowadays my sets include House, Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House and Electro. I've always chosen House and all the sub-styles it holds.. adapting to each situation and being driven by my personal taste.

When I'm producing I get my inpiration from many fronts, fans, people who follow me and who show me support very affectionately. They are a very important part of an artist. Also everything around me, my family, my friends, a situation or a landscape, a voice that speaks to me, a mood, and obviously who I want to reach with my music.

Djanemag: What’s the most enjoyable part of your job and what is the most difficult?

Marien Baker: One of the best things of my job is travelling. It's very important to me to play in different countries, listen to other languages, know other cultures, their cuisine and customs. I love to get to know the clubs, nightlife and music in other countries. I also really like to have friends scattered all over the world and of course to get paid for doing something you like and what makes you happy is priceless. To play your music and make people happy. It's tremendously satisfying because every weekend these people have fun and forget about their problems. It's a great expierence to contribute to that.

The part that is a little harder are the long trips, scales, delays and waiting times you have to endure, often with just a few hours of sleep. Sometimes I have to take nine airplanes in one weekend. That's a little tough because it can be pshysically exhausting, but I've chosen for this life, this is "the DJ life". :)

Often I'm jumping from one country to another and most of the time the stays there are very short so there is no time to sleep. The physical exhaustion is very hard and we have to get into the booth showing our best face and give the maximum. Also we are away from our family and friends a lot, we miss celebrations because we have to travel and there are many hotel nights that you spend all alone. That's hard, but we make it up to ourselves and the ones we love when you see the smile of people dancing to your music.

So far I've not had any crazy experiences with fans, but I did autograph shirts, flags, skin and even crystal glasses! hahaha!

Djanemag: Do you have any exclusive news for readers at this moment you want to share?

Marien Baker: I have almost completed my next single release "On Fire", a collaboration with the singer Joelah Francis. It's a sweet, sensitive track with lyrics that transmit good vibes, joy and sweetness because Joelah's voice is wonderful! Along with "On Fire" I will release another instrumental club track with powerful, energetic and very danceable sounds, called "Indestructible"

About performing: I will continue to play, as usual, in a combination of travelling, studio sessions and where ever this beautiful career takes me.

I want to say to the people who follow me: a big thanks for all the love and the support that I receive from you every day!