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Exclusive Interview: Von Di Carlo. How to make people happy through music

Lisbon’s own Von Di Carlo has worked early on as a music producer with support from top portuguese main acts such as Branko, Xinobi, Buraka Som Sistema, Karetus, Kura, Blaya among many others as well as international acts such as Thomas Gold, Chuckie, Adrian Lux, Quentin Mosiman, to name a few. Now working full time as a producer, writer and DJ. She has had radio shows regularly on major portuguese FM radios since she was 17. 

Von Di Carlo’s unique taste for a variety of genres (Progressive House, EDM, House, UK, Trap, Hip Hop, Jersey) allows her to make an interesting set. Having already played every major club in Portugal and recently having had a beach tour commissioned by MTV makes Von Di Carlo the perfect candidate for shows all around the globe. 

DJANEMAG: First question is a traditional one) Who came up with your nickname and what does it mean!? 

Von Di Carlo: When I was younger I was a huge Kat Von D fan so Von Di Carlo makes sense for me. 

DJANEMAG: Why did you decide to become a DJ? Was it your dream from early years and was it difficult to start? Give some advice to girls, who are just starting their career! 

Von Di Carlo: I love music. I love making music. I love sharing music and I knew from an early age I wanted to be an entertainer. I fell in love with djing in my teens and I knew I just wanted to play music and make people happy while doing so. Starting a career in anything it's always going to be a challenge just make sure you are doing what you love! Being a girl in the industry is hard you need to walk that extra mile to get the respect you deserve but if you work hard anything is possible and most of all have fun and be happy.

DJANEMAG: Your experience as a DJ has taken you across the world. Which was your favourite country to perform in and why? Do you like to perform in your native country? 

Von Di Carlo: I absolutely love playing in my country! Every time I play in my hometown Lisbon surrounded by all my friends that's one of the best feelings in the world! One of my favourite gig highlights was playing in Calpe, Spain, the vibe was absolutely amazing! 

DJANEMAG: Is there any country which you would really like to perform in or have you already played in your dream country? 

Von Di Carlo: I want to tour the world! LA, Tokyo, Paris, Toronto, Amsterdam, London, New York, Seoul are places I definitely want to hit! I loved playing Barcelona this summer and I love touring my own country which I'm blessed enough to do already. 

DJANEMAG: You have performed for some pretty big crowds of people. Do you have a special ritual to combat any nerves you might have? 

Von Di Carlo: There are some things in life which give me a lot of anxiety but playing in front of huge crowds actually calms me down. Whenever I get on stage I just get super hyped up and I just want to party all night! 

DJANEMAG: Think about this one carefully. If you had to choose one celebrity DJ to go on tour with for an entire year, who would you choose and why? 

Von Di Carlo: Diplo. Diplo is one of my favourite producers and one of my main inspirations. His sets are always so crazy and he just brings the house down whenever he plays a set! Plus he seems like a good soul. I would love for him to be my mentor. 

DJANEMAG: Do you have a specific goal in mind for your presenting career? Would you like it to take you to new successes? 

Von Di Carlo: Finishing my first album this year. Working with my best friends who are actually some of my favourite artists of all times. Also starting my own art collective and just getting ready to tour the world as much as possible.

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