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Are you a Hardstyle/Hardcore/RAW Fan? Vote to see your favourite DJane performing in Asia here!!

Are you a Hardstyle/Hardcore/Raw Music Fan?


If you are, we've got some great news for you. DJaneMag Asia (SEA) is currently planning an all round Asia Tour sometime in late 2017 to bring one of these DJanes below for an Asian Tour. The tour schedule is currently in the planning and DJaneMag Asia is currently opening up the floor to voting for these music fans to vote for their most favourite DJanes that they want to see.


We currently have 9 DJanes that has been shortlisted for this Tour and they are:

1. DJ Anime

2. MIss K8

3. DJ Day-Mar

4. Deetox

5. DJ Stephanie

6. Che Valino

7. Mandy

8. Mistortion

9. DJ XDream


So fans of Hardstyle/Hardcore/Raw, please vote for your favourite DJanes that you would like to see performing in your city over at our Facebook page link here -


Voting ends at midnight on 31st July 2017.