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Are you ready for Dominator 2019?

When: 20, JULY 


"A deafening sandstorm approaches with deadly speed. Seven extreme formations will compete for a tremendous trophy. Screaming engines, smoking exhausts and dreaded drivers will invade our savage sands. Hardcore will ignite its murdering machines in the desert of domination. Gasoline is gold when you enter… The Rally of Retribution."

Dominator is a true dominant hardcore festival, which gathers a huge crowd of hard dance music styles lovers and a massive lineup.

This year you will have a chance to experience sets by such starts as Korsakoff (pictured), Angerfist, AniMe, RADICAL REDEMPTION, Miss K8, Andy the Core, DAY-MAR and many more. 

Check out the full lineup on:

Ticket are now available:

Dominator Festival sells out each year, so make sure to be on time!