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DJ MIE shared her latest music


DJ Mie -  a female DJ from HCMC, Vietnam.

DJ Mie has become familiar with music since being a child, so she has a good sense of sympathy and musical orientation.

She started career in 2013 with passion and youthful, dynamic performance.

2 years later,  Mie had won high prizes in prestigious awards in Vietnam such as: Champion in Miss DJ 2015, Top 5 in DJ Talents, The Remix 2017.

Currently, DJ Mie is not only DJ but also a Producer who has contributed many work of music to many young music lovers.

Now, she is one of the most famous DJs in Vietnam, the orientation of DJ Mie in the future is always to make many music works to devote to the music industry and serve not only Vietnamese but also International music lovers.

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