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INTERVIEW || Noemi Black is going to release the first EP on her own label

Noemi Black is Poland born young Techno Djane.

She loves heavy, industrial sounds that's why she always was fascinated in TECHNO music.

In her DJ sets and podcasts you can hear everything that is the best in TECHNO genere.

In 2014 she moved to Germany to continue her career. During her musical adventures she had the opportunity to meet and play together with: Klaudia Gawlas, Drumcomplex, Niereich, Hackler&Kuch, Fatima Haji, Marika Rossa, Alex Bau, Ramiro Lopez, Dominik Eulberg, Kerstin Eden, Sven Wittekind, Björn Torwellen, Mike Vath and many more.

Now she is running her own Techno label called "Technical Vibe" and this month first EP will be released.

We had a talk with Noemi about her label and future EP, find it below.

DJANEMAG: How are your emotions about the releasing of the first EP on your own label? 

NOEMI BLACK: I'm very excited of course. One of my dreams is coming true. After my first released Track, I was start  to thinking about my own Label. Now, after few month of hard work we are ready. I'm realy, realy happy with that. 

DJANEMAG: What are your main sources of inspiration? 

NOEMI BLACK: Nature, the world around me. Every noice makes music, so every day I'm trying to catch so much  sounds, as I am able to do. On the street, in the Park, in Bus. Simple everywhere. But when I have  lack of inspiration, I leave everything and I go in the Mountains. There I can shut down my brain and  be alone with the might of the Nature. 

DJANEMAG: Do you have any special criteria to tracks, releasing on your label? 

NOEMI BLACK: Yes of course. Technical Vibe will be home of straight and forward Techno, Techno without compromises. I love powerfull, energetic Tracks. You can check my Podcasts, there you will heare, about what kind of Tracks i'm talking about.