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Louisahhh premiered fresh techno track with Maelstrom

Following up to the proto-punk, EBM-tinged grit of the lead-track 'Silence Is Violence' and the blazing electroid throb of 'Vital Energy', this time Louisahhh and Maelstrom go full-on big room techno mode with 'Winter' - a malevolent stomper tailored to storm the walls of the club with heavy artillery barrages of 909 kickdrum and droning thunder.



"Breaking social media fast because @le_maelstrom made me. Our new single ‘WINTER’ premieres today on @invertedaudio . Check their soundcloud to listen, or buy it on @labelraar bandcamp Thursday. Back to radio silence." Louisahhh shared the good news about the release at her ig.

We suggest you not to waste time and check it out right now, as it is available for your ears below.

Enjoy music and let us know your impressions.