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Ultra Music Festival has been in Miami since it was founded in 1999. 

In 2019, the festival moved to the Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium. If you missed 2019 edition of the festival, you missed out on it’s final year ever in Miami.

Ultra commented, “We have been approached by many interested parties over the years with offers to host the festival at some very unique and impressive locales. One of these, however, has shined far above the others, and we look foward to making our home there for many years to come.”

According to the Miami Herald,Their next stop might be Homestead. City Manager George Gretsas told the Herald he was made aware of conversations between Ultra and the Homestead-Miami Speedway.” “It is our expectation that at some point, they will formally submit a proposal,” Gretsas said.

While we are waiting for official announcement, comment on what venue you consider a perfect home for ULTRA 2020?